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Metal Detectable Professional Knives

Metal Detectable Professional Knives, shipped direct from Ottawa, Canada

Our metal detectable professional knives are manufactured from world-renowned Sheffield steel. With a great variety of blade styles & sizes, these knives are suitable for a variety of applications & industries. All Detectamet™ professional knives feature a fully metal & X-ray detectable handle in 9 colour options - perfect for colour coding opportunities in your processing environment. Ask us about sequentially numbering your detectable professional knives for added traceability. You must be 18 or over to purchase any safety / professional knives from Detectamet™.
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  1. Metal Detectable Tomato Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $239.25
  2. Metal Detectable Vegetable Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $239.25
  3. Metal Detectable Chef's Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $363.00
  4. Metal Detectable Boning Knives (pack of 10)
    From $354.15
  5. Metal Detectable Turning Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $204.47
  6. Metal Detectable Paring Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $139.74
  7. Metal Detectable Broad Flex Filleting Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $325.94
  8. Metal Detectable Butcher’s Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $669.24
  9. Metal Detectable Dough Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $535.42
  10. Metal Detectable Bread/Pastry Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $494.45
  11. Metal Detectable Wavy Edge Slicers (Pack of 10)
    From $490.44
  12. Metal Detectable Palette/Curd Knives (Pack of 10)
    From $277.74
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