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Food Safety Products for the Fruit & Vegetable Industry

Take a look at our metal & X-ray detectable products especially suited to the fruit & vegetable industry.

Fruit & vegetable facilities can see dozens of varieties of produce pass through their doors each day. Tools & equipment within these facilities must be food-safe, versatile & hard-wearing. There is regular sorting & grading of produce quality in fruit & vegetable processing facilities, so different product batches are common. Colour coding batches of produce is an effective way to clearly & effectively tag products for traceability purposes, and hundreds of our metal & X-ray detectable products are available in 9 colours for colour coding opportunities.

Cryo Ink Detectable Pens

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Cryo Ink Pens

Our detectable cryo ink pens are a popular choice with fruit & vegetable industry professionals. Manufactured from food safe, metal & X-ray detectable polymer, they house a pressurised ink cartridge that can write in temperatures down to -15 °C (5 °F), making them perfect for freezers & cold stores.

Metal Detectable Vinyl Gloves

Metal Detectable Vinyl Gloves

Manual food handling & sorting is extremely common in fruit & vegetable processing environments, and it's important that your workforce and your produce are protected. Our metal detectable vinyl gloves are food-safe, latex & powder free and available in 3 sizes. A great solution to protect your workforce whilst reducing contamination risk.